A classic car is a thing of refined beauty. So making sure it's protected is a must.

Classic Premier overview

We’ve created a legal expenses insurance policy tailored to the classic car enthusiast that understands and refines the claims process to meet their individual needs.

If your client’s classic car is stolen, vandalised or damaged in an accident that wasn’t their fault, you know that no ordinary replacement vehicle will do. If your clients’ vehicle is a total loss, our Classic Premier policy will give your client £1,000 to help in sourcing a replacement classic vehicle without being out of pocket.

Our specialist Classic Premier cover includes:

  • 24 hour claims helpline giving your client access to fast, friendly and expert advice

  • Up to £100,000 to cover any legal costs

  • Access to a specialist personal injury solicitor should your client or a member of their family suffer an injury in an accident that was not their fault

  • Rehabilitation treatment should your client suffer an injury in a non-fault accident

  • If a passenger was injured in the accident we can help pursue a claim for their injuries

  • Recovery of uninsured losses, e.g. policy excess, loss of earnings, medical fees, vehicle recovery and hire costs

  • Vehicle cloning cover, protecting your client from any motoring fines and costs relating to a cloned vehicle

  • Illegal clamping and towing cover

Classic Premier Plus

If your client requires a more comprehensive cover, our Classic Premier Plus policy has them covered. Our exclusive package includes all the great benefits of our Premier policy, plus contract disputes cover which aims to resolve contractual disputes without excessive legal costs.

This can include disputes over:

  • A garage in relation to completed work

  • Lease vehicle contracts

Upgrades and extensions are available offering all the benefits of the standard policy.

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