We understand that sometimes you need more information when trying to choose the best policy for your clients.

To help, we’ve put together some examples of the most frequently asked questions relating to our household policies to provide clarity for you and your clients.


Q: I’m in the process of returning from maternity leave but the business has employed someone in my role. There is an alternate role available so I requested part time hours but they are refusing to discuss it as they insist it’s a full time role. What can I do?

A: Initially we would appoint a solicitor to negotiate for your right to flexible working. If we don’t get anywhere we would pursue a claim for sex discrimination and possible constructive dismissal via the Employment Tribunal. Both elements of the claim include a basic award and you will also be able to claim for other financial losses such as loss of earnings, unpaid leave, etc.

Q: I’ve resigned from my job having worked the necessary notice period. Unfortunately, my past employer has still not paid my annual bonus, which I’m legally entitled to, what can I do?

A: We would initially try to engage in negotiations with the employer. If we were unable to come to a satisfactory conclusion we may appoint a solicitor to issue proceedings in either the Employment Tribunal or civil court to arrange compensation for contractual losses.

Q: I’ve recently been made redundant due to a company restructure. I don’t believe my employer acted fairly in highlighting the correct ‘at risk’ individuals for consideration and as a result, I believe my job would have been safe if they had. What can I do?

A: We would consult with a solicitor and assess the procedure made by the employer. If we agree that your employer acted unfairly during the consultation process, MSL will fund the cost of pursuing an unfair dismissal claim with the Employment Tribunal.

Consumer Contract

Q: I hired a contractor to supply and install new UPVC windows. A few months later I’ve noticed that the frames have discoloured and there is also a leak as they haven’t been fitted correctly. What can I do?

A: We would appoint a solicitor to pursue the contractors for both the replacement/repair and refitting of the windows.

Q: We’ve recently converted the loft into a third bedroom and hired an interior designer to design the room. They hired a subcontractor to build some furniture, but while varnishing the wood they spilt some on our white carpet. What can I do?

A: We would appoint a solicitor to pursue a claim against the interior designer for breach of contract and/or negligence for the damaged carpet.

Q: My boiler developed a leak so I called the emergency assistance number on my insurance policy. They sent a builder to fix the issue as they mistakenly thought it was a fault with the roof; however, they needed to send an engineer. The insurance company then charge me for the builder’s call out! What can I do?

A: We would work with you to commence a formal complaint to the insurer and eventually the Financial Ombudsman Service. If we fail to get a satisfactory response, and considering supporting evidence, we may appoint a solicitor to recover the callout charge and retrieve compensation for breach of contract for any failure to settle the claim.

Domestic Property

Q: I have a right of way across my neighbour’s private road. They’ve recently started locking the gate at one end and it’s causing me a significant issue in getting to my property and could also be an issue for emergency services. What can I do?

A: We would appoint a solicitor to bring legal proceedings for a declaration from the court that the neighbour’s actions are causing a substantial interference in law and seek a remedy for the removal of the locks.

 Q: My neighbour has had an extension built which has caused damage to my property. Not only that, the line of the extension is encroaching by one foot on to my property. What can I do?

A: First, you need to provide us with evidence of the property damage and encroachment. We may then appoint a solicitor to seek damages for the repair to your property while negotiating a remedy for the encroachment.

Q: My neighbour is alleging that ivy from my garden has caused significant damage to their property. The ivy isn’t mine and I’m sceptical about the extent of the damage caused. What can I do?

A: Our legal helpline will guide you through the process of proving your defence. If legal proceedings are issued against you, we may appoint a solicitor to defend against a claim for compensation.

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