Our wide-ranging household policy protects your clients' and their loved ones against the hazards of daily life.

Family Premier overview

Whether they have suffered the ill effects of a personal injury, are pursuing a claim for professional negligence or have a claim for wrongful termination or an employment dispute our Family Premier policy has them covered.

Designed with the financial and legal protection of your clients’ in mind, our policy is tailored to assist households in the pursuit and defence of their legal rights.

By incorporating over 30 years of knowledge with the support of an expert panel of national solicitors, MSL is able to provide a full and professional service dedicated to your clients’.

Our comprehensive Family Premier Legal Expenses policy provides up to £50,000 legal expenses cover and invaluable expertise* which includes:

  • Personal injury
    Personal accidents including personal injury, loss of income, damage to personal effects and fatal accidents

  • Employment disputes
    Pursuing your clients’ rights under their contract of employment, including unfair dismissal

  • Contract disputes
    Pursuing or defending a claim in relation to buying, selling or hiring of personal goods or services

  • Property disputes
    Protecting your clients’ legal rights against nuisance, trespass and damage to the home

  • Legal defence
    Defending a criminal prosecution arising from a private sale

  • Professional negligence
    Pursuing a claim for professional negligence against a solicitor, accountant, surveyor or architect

  • Court attendance
    Providing loss of salary in respect of any absence from work when attending a court, tribunal or arbitration hearing as a witness or defendant in relation to a claim under your clients‘ MSL policy

  • Jury service
    Providing loss of earnings when called to attend Jury service

  • Tax protection
    Representing your clients’ rights arising from a tax enquiry brought by HM Revenue & Customs in relation to their personal tax affairs

Family Premier Plus

Family Premier Plus includes all the features and benefits of the standard Family Premier policy listed above, plus:

  • Clinical, medical and dental negligence
    Pursuing a claim for clinical, medical or dental negligence

Want to see how our household policies work in practice? Take a look at our Home FAQ.

*Once a claim has been accepted

Our products are sold solely through brokers, intermediaries and insurers. We are unable to offer these products for direct sale to the general public.

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