We understand that sometimes you need more information when trying to decide the which is the right policy for you.

To help you choose we’ve put together some examples of the most frequently asked questions relating to our Landlord policies to help provide clarity for you and your clients.

Rent Recovery

Q: I had an issue with a previous tenant who stopped paying rent without explanation. Over the course of four months, the tenant failed to pay rent and offered only small amounts towards the arrears. The tenant left the property, moving into another address, and has failed to pay off any of the arrears. I’m now short three months’ rent. What can I do?

A: We would appoint a solicitor to begin legal proceedings against the tenant for the outstanding rental arrears. If the tenant used a guarantor we would seek to pursue the outstanding amount from them. A guarantor is also useful when no forwarding address is available.

Tenant Eviction

Q: I’m a landlord who has an issue with a tenant who rarely pays the rent on time, if at all. In addition to that, I’ve received complaints from neighbours about the noise coming from the property, which is also in a state of disrepair. I’ve decided to cut my losses and sell, but the tenant is refusing to move out and has stopped paying rent altogether. I have already served a notice to quit. What can I do?

A: We would instruct a solicitor to commence legal proceedings to evict the tenant. A possession order will be obtained from the court giving the tenant a date by which they must vacate the property. If they fail to comply, MSL will cover the costs of reapplying to the court to have the order enforced. This could result in bailiffs being instructed to forcibly remove the tenant.

Tenant Property Damage

Q: At the end of a recent tenancy period, I inspected my property to find it in a state of disrepair, with work needing to be undertaken. The carpets are unclean and stained, there are burn holes in the sofa, the paper has been stripped from the walls and some interior doors have large holes in them and will need to be replaced. The whole house will need to be cleaned and the garden needs work due to being left unattended for the duration of the tenancy (three years). What can I do?

A: Following the deduction of the deposit to cover costs, we estimate that the landlord is left with a bill of over £3,000 to cover the repair, maintenance and cleaning of the property. We would appoint a solicitor to begin legal proceedings against the tenant for the outstanding money required. As MSL cover the legal fees through our policy, any costs awarded by the court are given to the landlord to complete repairs.

Legal Defence 

Q: During a recent inspection of one of my properties I noticed some structural damage and wanted to carry out a further inspection to ensure it was safe. Unfortunately, my tenant became distressed and contacted the police reporting me for harassment as they believed the visits from myself and the insurance company to be excessively intrusive. What can I do?

A: In circumstances where we are able to prove that landlord acted reasonably in their assessment of the structural damage, and we believe the landlord has a reasonable prospect of success, we would appoint a solicitor to defend a criminal prosecution being brought against the landlord.

Property and Squatter Protection 

Q: My neighbour has built a fence marking a boundary for some extension work. I’ve noticed that this boundary encroaches on my land. What can I do?

A: We would assess the situation and if we felt the neighbour was unlawfully making claims to land that was not theirs, we would appoint a solicitor to commence legal proceedings for a declaration as to the true boundary line and an injunction to have the fence removed and any building work stopped.

Rent Guarantee

Q: A tenant in one of my properties has gone into rental arrears and I’ve issued a notice to quit the property for no payment of rent. MSL accepted a claim for legal proceedings against the tenant for the recovery of rent and eviction of the tenant. The tenant vacates the property leaving five months of rent unaccounted for due to their whereabouts being unknown. What can I do?

A: We will pay the landlord directly for the outstanding rental arrears up to the date of the tenant’s eviction after deduction of the policy excess.


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