Following an accident, the last thing your client wants to worry about is the excess.

Motor Excess Protect overview

When the dust has settled, let MSL help remove the headache and get your client back on the road without the excess baggage.

While all insurance policies feature a compulsory excess, many drivers opt for a high voluntary excess to reduce their annual premiums. Whilst a good way of saving money, the truth is that should the worst happen your clients will be stuck with a hefty excess and the added stress of paying it.

That’s why MSL have created our Motor Excess Protect policy designed to ensure your clients are protected whatever their excess agreement.

The Motor Excess Protect policy will reimburse your client’s excess following the successful payment by their insurer from a claim arising as a result of:

  • Fire, theft or vandalism

  • An accident that was their fault or partially their fault

  • Where within six months they are unable to recover their excess from a liable third party

The Motor Excess Protect policy offers:

  • Multiple claims up to the sum insured

  • No age restrictions

  • Variable levels of cover to suit your client’s needs

Our products are sold solely through brokers, intermediaries and insurers. We are unable to offer these products for direct sale to the general public.

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