With over 80,000* vehicles stolen in the UK each year, how would your clients’ cope without theirs?

Replacement Vehicle overview

Motorists often assume that they’ll be covered if they find themselves without a vehicle due to claiming for a total loss on their motor insurance claim following an accident, or if their vehicle has been stolen and not recovered.

With a Replacement Vehicle policy from MSL your clients will remain mobile without compromising on vehicle quality. We’ll provide your client with a suitable near equivalent vehicle** for up to 14 days so they can carry on with their lives as normal.

MSL Replacement Vehicle cover includes:

  • An emergency helpline for fast and friendly advice

  • Access to a replacement vehicle if your clients’ is declared a total loss or has been stolen

  • Delivery of a replacement vehicle within four hours†

  • Choice of nationwide delivery address

So, whether they have a seven seater MPV to fit the family or a 4WD for those weekend retreats, we won’t compromise on vehicle suitability.

*Crime survey for England and Wales March 2016

** Suitable near equivalent relates to the vehicle category; check policy documentation to view the individual categories

†During office hours, we aim to provide a standard vehicle within four hours and non-standard vehicles within 24 hours.

Our products are sold solely through brokers, intermediaries and insurers. We are unable to offer these products for direct sale to the general public.

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