When your client’s business is to get their customers from A to B, we have a policy that’s as easy as 123.

Taxi Premier overview

Whether your clients’ drive a private hire, hackney carriage, taxi bus, limousine or they are a chauffeur our Taxi Premier policy removes the stress from a road traffic accident, getting your clients’ back on the road as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Backed by our in-house accident management service, we’re able to manage the whole process from first notification of loss to repair, replacement and return. Whether it’s a specialist repair, an appropriate replacement vehicle or recovering lost earnings we can get your client back on their feet in no time.

And because every minute off the road is lost revenue for your client, we’ll provide a suitable, near equivalent replacement vehicle following an accident that wasn’t their fault.

Our specialist Taxi Premier cover includes:

  • 24 hour freephone helpline giving your client access to fast, friendly and expert advice

  • Up to £100,000 to cover any legal costs

  • Access to a specialist personal injury solicitor should your client or a member of their immediate family suffer an injury in an accident that wasn’t their fault

  • Rehabilitation treatment should your client suffer an injury in a non-fault accident

  • If a passenger was injured in the accident we can help pursue a claim for their injuries

  • Recovery of uninsured losses, e.g. policy excess, loss of earnings, medical fees, vehicle recovery and hire costs

  • Illegal clamping and towing cover

Taxi Premier Plus

Featuring all the benefits of our Taxi Premier Policy plus:

  • Statutory licence protection

Our products are sold solely through brokers, intermediaries and insurers. We are unable to offer these products for direct sale to the general public.

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